Types of Collection Claims we handle at Cohn & Cohn, New York City Collections Attorney & Commercial Debt Collection Lawyer

Types of Commercial Debt Collection Claims

Goods Sold and Delivered

We have handled claims in this area for manufacturers, food distributors, clothiers, florists, lumber and hardware stores and a vast array of retailers. The important thing for this creditor to remember is to always obtain credit information up front and keep itemized records of what was sold.

Insurance Premiums

This is an area in which we have extensive experience. We are able to understand and interpret the unique issues faced by an insurance company client who is owed premiums. Furthermore, we have dealt with and represented many New York brokers and have relationships with many.

Monies Loaned

We can represent a creditor who has made a personal or business loan that is unpaid. Using a variety of resources we are able to locate debtors and determine their ability to pay.

Work Labor and Service Rendered

In this area we have represented contractors, repairmen, commercial lessors and other service providers. We can determine whether a mechanics lien on property is viable.

Professional Services Rendered

We have represented doctors, accountants, consultants and even lawyers. We will take the time to understand the nature of the services so as to save time if the debtor should question the specifics.



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Types of Claims
Goods Sold & Delivered
Insurance Premiums
Monies Loaned
Work Labor Rendered
Services Rendered
Professional Services

Insurance Companies
Insurance Brokers
Commercial Lessors
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